What does an electric fence system consist of?

The principle on which the electric fence works – and what differentiates it from other fences – is the animals’ reaction to the electric shock they receive when touching the fence. The electric shocks are not dangerous to either humans or animals, but nonetheless make them afraid of coming into frequent contact with the fence. This works in respect of all types of wildlife – both in containing animals as well as in protecting against them.

An electric fence circuit consists of 5 main parts:

① The energiser produces regular current pulses.


② The fence wiring transports the current along the fence. Insulators ensure that the current is not led away to the soil.


③ When an animal touches the fence the current travels through the animal’s body.


④ The current travels through the soil.


⑤ The earth stakes carry the current back to the energiser.

Three factors decide on the optimal function of your electric fence